Other Work

My art has always helped me uncover faded artifacts; objects left over from a time that lives only in equally faded memory. I remember my father’s New York garment district samples cluttering our small apartment, musty corners and boxes that housed previous years sample rejects; some manufacture errors of sewn up button holes, missing zippers, bottomless pockets and dyed to match sets from different dye lots. Memories of touching textures and shifting fabrics un-encumbered by form, whisper to me of a past obscured by time, but not forgotten. A limp wedding gown defines a journey through marriage while faded folds of an out of date prom dress echoes an empty nest. Now a carefully folded handkerchief sits in the pocket of a suit jacket and when removed reveals creased lines like a map of a route already walked. These frayed images, some like preserved relics bear the marks of my heritage as I continue to use clothing in my art.

Different Dye Lot In the Moment The Runway Sacred Folds
Slightly Irregular Back of Wear and Tear After Global Warming Catwalk
Modest Bodice While Multi-tasking Extra Buttons Clothes for Nude Descending the Staircase